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Greetings from Poland!

Фото Walasek Tomasz
Greetings from Poland!
Walasek Tomasz - четвер, 7 квітень 2016, 23:01

Dear Ukrainian Moodlers,

My name is Tomasz Walasek and I am an organiser of Polish MoodleMoot. We have been meeting here in Poland from 2009. This year it will be the 7TH Polish MoodleMoot.

I had a great pleasure to meet many Ukrainian teachers (and students) and talk about e-learning and Moodle in Polish and Ukrainian schools and universities. We might speak different language but we use the same tools:)

Reading this news I had learned that Polish MM is exactly at the same dates as Ukrainian MM - 19-20 May 2016.

It would be great to connect or just to be aware that we are talking about the same things, at the same time in different countries and languages.

I would appreciate if the Organiser(s) of Ukrainian MoodleMoot could contact me (e-mail me) to establish closer cooperation or just a friendship.

I hope MoodleMoot Ukraine 2016 will be a great success!

All the best from Poland
Tomasz Walasek